Where to get fish


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Hi all I am looking to stock my tank. Can anyone tell me a good place to purchase fish either Lfs or on line. I am in long island ny, but will travel the Tri state if need be for healthy fish. Thanks !


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there are a few good ones in mid nj, thats where im from. liveaquaria is great for online

try aquarium center in nj or ocean gallery in nj

Ron Reefman

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Live Aquaria, NY Aquatics have both been good for me. I wouldn't do business with Reefs2Go if they were the last online store in the world (terrible shipping practices and worse customer service).


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Country Critters in Medford have the healthiest fish IMO, Pets Warehouse in Copaigue (good selection), BTJs Jungle in Bayshore (decent), and Aqua Hut in Coram (cheapest prices) are all good places.