who killed my goby? Snail or Purple lobster?


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HI Guys, I have a pruple lobster and the narssius snails ( sorry don't know the correct spelling)...

So like two day ago, I came home and saw that my goby (which filters the sand buy eating it and then comes out of his gills) had a red bumb on him.

I thought he might have scrapped his head on the rocks or something..

And today, I see him 3/4 gone....

I saw the snails finishing him off.. and saw the purple lobster hidding.. like ussaly..

THose snails are very fierece.. they even killed my scallops..

One other question.. crabs molt right? b/c I saw a crab with all of his legs out of a shell.. not moving.. so i am guess thats what it is..

THanks for ur input guys.
Purple Lobsters are known to catch small fish. Nassarius snails don't kill and eat live healthy animals, so either the fish and scallops died first, or the snails are misidentified.
I have no "proof" of this, but my answer to you would be the lobster is the guilty party in this situation. We have had a purple reef lobster in a 90 gallon tank for going on almost 2 years with no evidence that he was a menace. About 2 months ago, after the lights went out, we suddenly saw a fish sort of floating to the top. We flicked on the lights in the room and realized it was one of the firefish, and he had been chopped in half! We didn't witness the lobster do it, but there is nothing else in our tank that would be able to cut a fish clean in half other than the lobster... He's been peaceful since and there have been no other deaths.
I sincerely doubt the snails killed either. What kind of scallop was it by the way? Flame/Electric? They have a horrible track record in capitivity and are better left in the ocean. I suspect your lobster..a predator is the guilty party here.