Why do Turbo and Astrea snails die?


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I've been battling a hair algae outbreak for the last few months. When the algae growth exploded, I had a caulerpa crash in my refugium and noticed all my turbos and astrea snails dieing off. Water parameters look good. Other types of snails, urchins, shrimp, and crabs are all fine. I have been doinf water changes, dripping kalk, and maitaining good alk and pH. So......I decided to add another handfull of turbos and a few astrea. Acclimated them for two hours, but the same thing. By the next am they were either dead or close to death. One did last almost a week. I can't figure this out. Are these two types of snails more sensitive to PO4 than others?
tcook, i once got two dozen trocus snails and only about 4 lived. I rang the suppliers up because i couldnt understand why these all died but my others were fine. they were good enough to replace them as i use the mail order firm quite alot . the only thing they could come up with was how long the snails had been in transit.The thing that really peeved me was the fact that my blood shrimps see all my snails as an easy meal, after tucking into the dead ones.My water was fine , if yours is maybe it's a posibility ?.
Snails are quite sensative to SG changes. Instead of acclimating them, I "dry" acclimate them, in that I leave them out of the water for thirty minutes to an hour, and then just dump them in. It has worked quite well for me. If your snails have been mis-acclimated before you get them, though, they seem to die in your aquarium no matter how you acclimate them. If you are buying them locally, pick the lively ones, and leave the sluggish ones in the tank.