yellow tang won't eat..


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this is my first tank, its a 75 gal hex with a remora skimmer and fluval 304 filter and 35 pounds live rock. i just got done my cycle all of my chem is good.
amonia- 0 trite-0 trate- 5

this is my first fish that i put in there hes about 2 inches long. i realize now that this fish is going to outgrow my tank but i learned that after buying him. hes been in there since sat. 3-4-06
and does not eat when i feed him, i have tried dried seaweed on the clip, spirulina algea flake food, and regular marine flake food, from what i can tell he hasnt touched anything. the only thing i've seen him eat was some algae on the live rock.

is he stressed? i dont think hes too big for the tank yet, and he has a home in a 120 in my friends tank once he gets bigger.

any ideas on what to try? i dont want him to starve and die
Is he eating a lot of algae off the rocks? Maybe that is more appealing to him right now.
What type of dried algae are you feeding him? Nori?

You are going to end up needing more than 35lbs of liverock in a 75gallon tank if you want to keep adding more fish.
yea more rock is my next purchase. i just got ancy once my tank was done cycling and wanted a fish heh.

hes picking at it here and there but i dont know if i would call it "meals worth". what would be a sign that he was having problems though? his color is just as bright as he was when i brought him home.

i'm just learning a lot getting into this hobby and dont want to make my first fish suffer.
I just bought a blonde naso tang last weekend. He didn't eat anything when I first put him in. Although he did nibble at the rocks, that was an indication that he was healthy. I put sea weed on a clip and he did not touch it for 4days. Later I was told to put romaine lettuce in the tank. If he ate that he should eat the sea weed. He did eat a little lettuce. I took the lettuce out of the tank. Dosed my tank with a little extreme garlic and put the sea weed back onto the clip. 30min later he at the sea weed. The next day I put some live macro algae on the clip and he ate that too! All is well now and he's greedy. Just give it time. Your fish is still getting use to everything. I would try the garlic extreme. It is suppose to excite the fish into eating as well as boost thier immune system. Just change the sea weed out every 24hours. A yellow tang is my next addition if it will dwell well with the naso tang. Good luck....
my tang isn't eating, either.....but he grazes some tips here that i will try....

does anyone know if it is noraml for a tang to suck on a blennie?....mine is really into that
ok thanks for the encouragement, i think i needed it lol. hes a beautiful fish i dont want to loose him.

i'll try the garlic extreme tomorrow, and change out the seaweed.

i'll let you know how it works out.

thanks again for all of the response
I forgot to mention to also soak your food in the garlic extreme. I put the sea weed in a cup, add 3 drops of garlic extreme and then feed the fish.
My Yellow tang didn't start to feed, except for grazing on live algae in the tank, for nearly 2 wks.

I found garlic to be a helpful attractant.

After about a week he started taking lettuce.

Eventually he took fresh Nori, and now also eats Ocean Nutrition Formula 2. He even eats a liitle dried Nori and small particles of food missed by the other fish.

It's proving very hard to get some weight on him though.

I am persisting with the clip and dried Nori.

Try everything "green".

Good luck!