12g Nanocube Question.... Help Please!!!


Trying again
I was just wondering if anyone have any issues with there fish in the jbj 12g nanocube.. or any nanocube for that matter... I just added my first of two percs three days ago. He was at my LFS for a week upon my request.. sorta a short term QT, one of the two I ordered was sick and they are still treating him at my LFS, but the other looked ok so I brought him home. He seemed scared and stressed after I acclimated him but figured that was normal, my 3rd day and hes still staying in the same position and just started eating food but was sorta swimming on his side if that makes sense, like he was on his death bed. So I started thinking of all the possabilities of why he could be acting like this. One thing kept running through my head and that was him not getting enough air. But I don't think i've ever read this particular problem with nanocubes. So I turned on my fission skimmer (that I usually run at night) because it produces a TON of micro bubbles, and within 5 minutes he was exploring the tank and swimming right infront of the powerhead .. in the stream of the water and just has 10x more life then he did and seems to be having fun. So I was just wondering if I had the chambers setup wrong or the water level possibly, I also wanted to know if anyone else had this problem. Thanks



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Are you using a surface skimmer of any kind? Like the cassette skimmer mod (economy) or the one offered by JBJ? I know when my 12g cube was new the ph was low because of poor water aeration, the surface skimmer brought the ph right up. Your clown may be reacting to low ph, not just oxygen levels.

I am using a nanoskim from SRS:



Trying again
Yup, I use the cassette mod. Then my first chamber is my protein skimmer.. Second is Filter pad, filter floss and chemi-pure and 3rd chamber is heater and powerhead. Also, PH is fine.


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It is not an O2 problem...Air or O2 is added to the water when it flows over the chamber walls. Unlike a tank with no flow where an air pump is needed. Sounds like it is sick, I would return it asap. Also you did not mention how long your tank had been set up and if it had fully cycled...What was your amonia levels?