175W MH Bulb Recommendations


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Any 175W MH bulb recommendations?

I am currently using the XM 10K but they are a bit to yellow and the corals don't look as good.

Thinking of switching to a 14K?

Anyone have have tank pics of their 175W MH setups so I can see the colors?

I'm not too worried about growth since I don't have time/space to upgrade, so I'm more focused on healthy corals that have reallly nice coloration.



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Iwasaki 15ks over my 90. Very crisp white. Plenty of PAR to boot. I accidentally bleached some monti caps even though they were only 5" from the sand...



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Re: 175W MH Bulb Recommendations

i was a long time fan of xm 10k's. i wanted something a bit (just slightly) bluer and tried a few things. after trying hamilton 14k's (hated them) and xm 14k's, i tried some plusrite 14k's and love the color. i would link you to some pics... but i'm on my phone at the moment.