3000.25 attachment for T24


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Hi Roger,
Just received the T24 you sent out yesterday, everything looks great except I am having hard time attaching the rail firmly on my 72 gal. bow frong AGA. By any chance you can sent me the 3000.25 attachment and the video tape, thanks.
I will PM the credit card # to you if it's doable.
PM me your info or better yet call, I am not convinced personally that the internet is a safe way to do business but if you feel comfortable it works for me. The tape does not feature Stream pumps and it has the older model 7093 multicontroller. If you only need the kits let me know, I can send you some bulk parts at no charge, I get some parts without packaging for in house use in experiments and repairs.
Don't pm your CC information on Reef Central. This isn't a server that uses SSL to transmit data, so everything goes across in clear text.
I received the parts you sent me through UPS, thanks, but I have question, are the metal screws you sent salt water safe, what are those for anyway?
Sorry Roger, the plastic screws on the sucktion cups are not long enough to accomandated the lenght of the holding sticking out. Can I paypal some funds so I can get the whole kit, instead of bits and pieces? Please let me know how much I should forward it to you for 2 pumps, thanks.
Yes, they are Stainless Steel. They will only corrode do to an electrolytic reaction when partially submerged. Fully exposed or fully submerged they are fine. I will send you the install manual as a PDF by email, I intended to include it but I couldn't find the file till to late.
Please review the manual, All Glass and Oceanic are included in the PDF I sent. I know this is the proper kit for this tank, I have one, I think you must have assembled the parts wrong, many people attach the rail infront of the holders and not between them. If you call me I will walk you through it 512-833-7546.
No problem, one of these days when I become more computer literate I will make a small movie on assembly or maybe a powerpoint presentation and put it up on RC. Unfortunately it is a 3D concept that doesn't translate well to a 2D manual. Now we just need to get your controller problem straight. I already forwarded the thread and am awaiting an answer.