60" Aquascience t5 bulbs


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okay, so i am looking at getting a 60" UltraSolaris 6x80w T5HO Fixture. This setup includes the bulbs which works out to be a pretty good deal from what i have researched. The only problem is there is only two different type of bulb choices of 15k and 22k.

My question is this... i am wanting the look of Tank of the March 2005 danano's tank. here is the link

what combination of bulbs would i have to get?


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I am also awaiting my dual 4x54wattT5 FM units, and have been contemplating bulb combos.

The AS bulbs are supposed to be slightly bluer versions of the ATIs. Danano says he uses 5x ATI aquablue 11,000Ks, and 3 ATI blue+. These should be matched by the AS 15,000K special, and the AS 22,000K blue... just slightly bluer.

There is a hitch though. I currently use a 2xaquablue, 2xactinic03, 2xblue+ setup, and that bulb combo would result in a bluer look than danano's, yet hiw photos look very blue compared to my tank. The reason most likely is the camera. When I take photos of that tank, it tends to look much bluer too. So the pics of danano's tank, as sweet as they look, arent really what his tank looks like I would bet. My tank should look bluer than his, but his photos look bluer than my tank for sure.

You could do a 3xblue/22,000K and 3x 15,000K special combo... that would be similar to dananos but bluer. Personally, I would go 3x 22,000K, 2x 15,000K, and have one 6500K or duo bulb though to add just a bit of daylight for the corals benefit.


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Assuming your here in the states...The 60" UltraSolaris is unavailable til further notice. FM is having issues with the 80watt ballasts for the US market. ATI is also having the same problems.