72 bow mesh screen


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hi there i would like to built a mesh screen for my 72 bow tank i lost a few because they keep jumping out and i been rescue a few more from my overflow any 1 with advise on what im gonna need


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Get some clear netting from Bulk Reef Supply, then go to your local hardware store, Home Depot, Lowes, etc and get aluminum screen frame, corners and spline.

For a bow front, the easiest method would be to make a square screen and then get a piece of clear acrylic and cut it to fit the curved section that the screen won't cover. I've also read of people who have been able to bend the aluminum screen frame, so you could try that. It's not that expensive, so if you wreck a piece you're not out that much.


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If you dont mind screwing up a few pieces and you have a dremel, you can notch and bend the framing to the curve.

I did that on a friends corner tank, and it worked great.


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+1 on the clear acrylic for the bow part or just get the curved top part that was made for the tank. You can use a standard plastic piano hinge to attach the bow part to the rest of the screen.


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I have seen this done on another forum.....i have a 46 bowfront and i think i may undertake the challenge in the near future. let me know if your interested in directing you to the source...


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any decent glass company can cut you a peice of curved glass for the front, i had to replace the 36inch front peice for my 92bow front and it cost me about $15, most places charge by the sq. foot and don't charge extra for the curved cut or polished edges. ill never buy another allglass top.


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the All glass top would work, but that's a lot of money to pay for something when most of it's going in the trash!

I would use a piece of glass/acrylic. Add a knob on it and you've got a quick place to get in for feedings, water changes, etc. without removing the entire screen.