Acro Bugs ???


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I was looking at some of my acros earlier and I spotted some very , very small, clearish to clear tan little bugs running all around. Quick moving little guys, I don't think they are redbugs, but I'm not sure. Need some help from the RC gurus, anybody know what they might be ?

Thanks, Creighton
These things are too small to even get a picture of. You can barely see them with the naked eye. I am under the impression that redbugs a basically, very very slow moving ?? these guys are fast, crawling all over the acro like tiny tiny clearish ants
Um..this may be construed as a stupid question, but are you sure they are not some sort of amphipod or the like?
Could very well be, I'm not sure , thats why I'm asking. All of my corals are doing real well, I just want to catch this quickly if its something bad.
These things could be one of those just starting out, but they a so small , about the size of a grain of sand, that I really can't say what they look like, but it appears that they are only on some acros , not all