Aggresive Lubbock fairy wrasse! Solutions?


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Hello everyone,
Today I bought a Lubbock fairy wrasse for my soon to be reef tank with peaceful community fish. My current stock is the Lubbock fairy wrasse, Vanderbilt chromis, tiger goby, blue neon goby, leopard wrasse and yellow coris wrasse. I added the Lubbock wrasse today and he was very aggressive from the get go, so I decided to wait and see 8+ hours later it is still very aggressive to every fish in the tank other than the leopard wrasse, any solutions so he becomes peaceful like there suppose to be? Should I just wait and see? Or anything else you guys reccomend? Thank you, all comments are appreciated, please help!
This isn't what you want to hear but my guess is you'll have to rehome it. If a fish is that aggressive from hte getgo it's only going to get worse as it acclimates and starts taking out it's tankmates.
Wrasses are often hard to assess. That is to say, not all wrasses of the same species act the same. Some get very belligerent. Others chill out.

In this case, I would ask:
1. What is the size of the aquarium these fish are in and;
2. What is the size of each fish (approx length)?
Did you add a Lubbock FR to a tank that already have a Lubbock FW? If this is the case aggression is expected. Normally Lubbock FW is not very aggressive.