Aggressive Clown killed tank mates


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I had a pair of True Percula's in a 50g with 2 PJ Cardinals, 2 Benggai Cardinals and a blenny. Everything was great for a while. I have to believe this tank provided more than enough room for these fish. They all seemed to eat properly and I fed them regularly. All of the sudden, the larger clown (they were both the same size when I purchased them) attacked and killed both Benggai's and the smaller clown. What the hell happened? Any ideas? I think he needs to go back to the LFS.


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The bigger clown got bigger because you had two, so one turned into a female and took possession of your small tank. It is not uncommon for them to kill off their mates till they find one they like. The Benggai probably crossed into her territory, which at this point is your tank.