AMAZING dry rock now available for your tank!

How bad is shipping to Houston? Do you have a recommendation on mixing your dry and live together for a 270 gallon to save some cost?
Hello Richard, when trying to calculate costs for an order, about how much do we add for water/packing/etc.? I assume your live rock has some water in its packaging (I could be wrong).

Looking at "The Package" for a 75g to Houston. Trying estimate shipping costs.

Ok, I get it now. But what if we are buying rock for a tank that has already gone through it's cycle? I plan on taking rock out of my 75g (5+ yrs old) + some new base rock and adding it to my tank first. Then I will order one of your "packages". I want to have it up and running for a while before adding your rock & sand. Will you still ship it in 2 shipments?
The title is correct - this really is AMAZING dry rock!! Got my order two days ago and it is so nice and fits together so well that I'm having a hard time deciding just how I want to stack it! No more "well this piece HAS to go here because it won't fit anywhere else without falling." Nope. any piece fits together with any other and the cave-making ability with this rock is absolutely astounding!! Most of my pieces have a slight curve to one side that allows me to decide exactly how I want to use it (for cave or for flat-rock stacking) instead of having the aquascape dictated to me by the usually limited stacking ability of the rock.

Posted in Vendor Exp. forum too. I can not recommend this rock highly enough!!
Here's that dry rock 'in action'. I didn't use all the pieces and I took a hammer to a couple that I did use (each piece does seem to have a little kind of 'foot' nub - maybe from the mold??). My aquascape is pretty boring because I played with it so much that I finally got sick of messing with it, lol, but you still get the idea of how easy it was to stack I think. Also I seeded the tank with LR from the LFS but then ended up pulling them once I put this rock in because it was kinda hard to incorporate it into this stuff (being that this stacks together easily while the random LR pieces had different textures that didn't want to grab hold of each other OR to this dry rock so well). But what I really liked about it was that I didn't have to purposely try to make caves. I solely concentrated on stacking and the caves just created themselves naturally due to the slight curvature of the rocks. That was nice.

does the dry rock need to be treated in any way after we receive it or just go ahead and start cycling?