Anthias & Chromis questions...


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I've got a 150 reef. I currently have 2 lyretail anthias (1 male, 1 female), and 3 blue/green chromis. I have had the chromis for about 2 years and the anthias about 8 months.

I was at the LFS yesterday and they got in a bunch of female lyretail anthias. I have been looking for some for a while and this is the first time I have seen them available since I got mine. Could I add 3 more female lyretails to my established ones without any issues?

And same with the chromis. I was thinking of adding 2-3 more. Was thinking 3, but that would give me 6. And aren't they better in ODD numbers for some reason? And would it matter if I added more blue/green or some yellow chromis?

Thanks for any input you can give me!
I had a trio of Bartletts anthias in my 125G SPS tank. After almost 2 years, I lost a female to a pump intake. I had a freind order me more females. I added 5 new females to my established pair. They instantly grouped together and the new fish ate right away. Now, months later, I still have the 7 anthias and they are doing great. I am looking to now add either chromis, or a different anthias species. I'd say go for it, as long as the anthias you add are all females, theu should be fine.
Perfect situation. Make sure the females anthias are eating and healthy (quarantine if possible for a week or so). Same with chromis. Stick with the lyretails as your only anthias species.

Go for it!