Ballast for lumenarc reflector


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I'm getting ready to update to lumenarc 3 reflectors. Any suggestions on which ballast and bulbs I should use? Also thinking of adding some T5s. Any one using this combo?
Pick the bulb you want to run then choose the ballast. What kind of color are you looking for? Growth? What do you plan on keeping under these lights? 250 or 400watters? SE or DE bulbs?
I'm thinking of running the reeflux 400w SE 10k or 14K bulbs. I keep a mixed reef including SPS, LPS, Anemones, and softies. I would also like to add some clams. CoralVue and Icecap are the 2 ballasts I am considering. I currently have 2 1000w sunlight supply MHs. They are to much light for my LPS and softies. Of course the SPS love them but I also enjoy the LPS and softies. Zoos are impossibe to keep even on the bottom of a 24" deep tank with the lights 15" from water surface.
Well there you go. You stated the two options I would choose for a ballast if you want to run Reeflux bulbs. Both are good ballast and highly recommended. Sounds like you will have a very solid plan for lighting your reef. I am a big fan of Reeflux bulbs myself.
I only run the 3 250 Reeflux bulbs, no other supplement lighting besides moon lights. I really like the look of the bulbs alone reminds me of the natural reef in mid-day.
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Thanks for the info. Looks like I'll go with the 12K Reeflux bulbs and CoralVue ballasts.

:thumbsup: I think you will be happy with your new lighting. Just the new reflectors alone will do a lot for your reef. Are your reflectors SE or DE?