Be gentle.


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You know you really feel low enough when you've done something you wish you hadn't done and your tank's in a mess.

So when somebody new comes in with a problem that could easily have been avoided, or somebody lost livestock because he doesn't know how to acclimate, or whatever, sure, we all want to tear our hair---but the new guy doesn't know, that's the point, and now he's asking, which hopefully means he wants to know and doesn't want to do it again.

So go easy with him, so he'll come back with his next question. THat way we save more fish in the long run.


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Sadly, this is easier said than done. It's easier for somone to go off the handle and take some aggression out on some poor newbie, than it is to provide guidence.

But I agree, be nice to the new guys! Remember, you used to be one of them!

No Sk8er, take my hand, and we'll go back to the lounge where we belong...


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As someone who is slowly becoming "not so new" at this hobby, I am starting to enjoy those posts where I've been able to guide someone, who did something that I did wrong before, onto the road to recovery.


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Lol, Poukie, I need an aspirin. Or something.

And, HumanIMDB, a really great reward is when you see someone you helped helping someone else...

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I agree with Sk8r with great reef powers comes great responsibility, I myself have never been a ...Newbie, I always have been and always will be...................SUPER REEFER! I come to the newbie section not only help those in need of my sound advice but to hear my own precious words that flow through my mouth.............O.K. I'm done...that was fun. Sk8r is a nice guy Iv'e followed his many travels and found him to be a caring person, I come in here everyday to help where I can and there are times when I just want to tell the person to "Drop the tank and step away from the reef!" but this is supposed to be a "Safe Haven" for those who really want to learn if not then they wouldn't bother with the extra effort it takes to read the forums. Now read on fellow reefers!


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I agree about the "new guy". I'm still that guy, learning...we all have been there. I LOVE this website! It has helped me MORE then ever. I used to go to salwaterfish, however, they were all so rude! You felt like a fool for asking questions. Im not mocking them, just a big difference between the two. My wife has named them...the nice site, which is this one and the mean site, saltwaterfish.

Josh :)

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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=11678422#post11678422 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by davew0670
reading the stickied topics will keep you out of 99% of the trouble you get in.
It will alleviate most of your problems.


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This is good advice. However, as one of these n00bs, I must say there are plenty other n00bs out there who give us a bad name. I generally spend most of my time in the "new to the hobby" or "general reefkeeping" forums. Almost every day I see multiple posts about the same problem.
To my fellow n00bs, please, PLEASE do a few searches before posting your problem. If the search engine is down, click thru a few pages and skim the topics. Most likely your question has been asked and answered many times before. Springing for a premium membership is probably the best investment you can make as well.
I don't have a tank yet, which is mainly why my post count is so low, but I've been reading through almost every post in the 2 sections I mentioned above and almost all my questions were answered without me asking.

To all you "experts" who take the time out to deal with us n00bs, thank you very much. To my fellow n00bs, lets try and make the expert's jobs a lil easier. It's a 2-way street.

Well that turned into quite a rant, I hope I didn't offend anyone!


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I always treated every one fairly and everyone has treated me fairly--its a hobby so it should be enjoyable
Reef Central is the best site I've been on for respect of ones peers.
Sk8r--I feel bad you had to remind people of this but you must have had good reason to do so, hope I don't run into this problem anytime soon


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I'm offended!! :mad:

j/k :D

I agree on reading the stickies...which is why so many of my responses are nudges to people to go there and find their own answers. There are many ways to do this hobby, and many noobs don't know this and they come here looking for black and white answers, and while there is some advice that is pretty rock solid the majority of the time, there are many, many others that are subjective to your own scenario. You have to research and apply what you find in that research to your own situation, then make the best choice for you on how to proceed. I like spending time in the newbie section to try and help those in areas that I feel comfortable in giving advice in, but in many cases I am also learning at the same time, because so many things are brought up here that are things that I haven't experienced myself. It broadens my knowledge base. You newbs have to learn patience and spend some time studying in this hobby. I'm about to start researching the build thread of a guy who has an absolutely beautiful tank now, to see exactly what he's doing to make all those corals so happy...and see if I can apply it to my tank. It's a learning hobby and you're not going to solve all your problems or answer all your questions in an hour or two on here. I hope everyone is successful because I love seeing pics of awesome tanks. Good luck!


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This is a good reminder to all of us, new and experienced alike. I remember the day I learned how to use a hydrometer, and how looking into a reef I couldn't name a single fish or coral. This hobby has a huge learning curve, and I don't think the learning ever really peaks; there's always more you can learn about chemistry, electricity, plumbing, equipment, running larger tanks, lighting, and of course the animals themselves.

I try to always answer questions that are within my abilities, and run searches to learn things before I ask questions of my own. People tend to be very patient with me, and I like to return the favour -- the polite way we exchange ideas here is one of the things I love about RC.


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I think its just too easy for some to powertrip and act rude to faceless unknown posters. I doubt most would act so badly in person to someone in their local reef club. It seems some want to portray their supposed expertise online.

No matter how long we've been involved in reef keeping were all still learning...every one of us.

We're all here to learn and enjoy the hobby right?

Cheers! :D