Belize vacation plans

Ron Reefman

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Can anybody give me some feedback on taking a vacation to Belize? I'm going late in May of 2013 with a couple of freiends and several other people I don't know. We are staying in a house in Placencia that has some beach frontage. I understand there is good snorkeling there and my wife and I will probably squeeze in 2 snorkel trips. Any recommendations on tour or boat operators or other things to see or do will be appreciated.



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Just got back from a trip to belize, and these are my recommendations:

Granted we stayed on Ambergris Caye

Amigos Del Mar one of the longest running group there, and are a top notch crew. I did my Blue Hole trip with them and enjoyed every minute. I do however suggest try do book a trip to turneffe early. This is one of the all day dive trips, but is shallowed by the blue hole trips. Therefor it is hard to get a large enough group to go. I didn't get to go.

As far as land based tour:
We did two mayan ruin tours, one with cave tubing. This was GREAT!!

I would recommend SEAduced, and if you can request a guide. Request a guy by the name of Wayne. This guy put all the other guides to shame!

Anymore question, just ask!