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I figure I might as well try to do soemthing outside of thehouse tomorrow (gasp) so I thought I head over to KY with the wife (and maybe kids depending on the status of the sitter) & see if I could find Berts. How easy is it to find? My previous trips to the land of Ash has been from the interstate, to the Mall, is it somehwere between those locations, or am I going to have to break out mapquest?
I'll assume the mall is the Ashland Town Center?
If so Bert's is a couple miles or so down the road from the mall. Look for Lowes and a Kroger on the left side of the road. They are in the shopping plaza down from Kroger.
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Mall... towncenter... its all interchangeable to me.... I am so flexible.
The reason I asked is there is another mall about a mile off the interstate. "Tourists" sometimes confuse the two :D
oh.... oh no.... All I remember from my last trip, was a right turn, then straight till I hit a big plaza.
Easy to find

Easy to find

Hey Travis,

It is super easy to find...just a couple miles up US23 North from the Ashland Town Center. It is in the same shopping center as the Lowe's and Kroger.


It isn't going to be much longer before the secret is out and about. I think that JoMars and Fujis are fantastic stores....but the Bert's Ashland / Russell location probably has twice the coral selection.

You would probably have to make a run to Cincinnati or Cleveland to find better. Check it out once and you will be back!
"I think that JoMars and Fujis are fantastic stores....but the Bert's Ashland / Russell location probably has twice the coral selection..."

Hey guys I like Berts as well, I was very impressed but lets not start a "this store is better thing" here, something most here don't realize is that all the shops you mentioned here are great friends as well as competitors but we respect each other and have very open relations that I think benefit our communities. Im happy you all are getting out and visiting other places but please be mindful that there are those who look for such opportunities to try to wreck such beneficial relations and mess things up for everyone. As for Berts having more coral than anyone around well yeh, it's HUGE man!!!! :) Im sure Jim is quite proud of that place, as he should be IMO.
"Fantastic" isn't an insult!!!!

"Fantastic" isn't an insult!!!!

Hey must have totally misread my shout out to Travis! For goodness sake, I still just can't believe that a store like Bert's is located about a mile from my house! :D

I think that we in the tri-state area are so fortunate to have three really terrific reef stores between JoMars, Fujis, and Berts. We are also doubly fortunate to have such good people like Ron, Barry, Jim, and Fuji running these establishments.

It is my most sincere wish that all three stores are highly successful and continue to flourish/grow in the years to come! As far as I'm concerned, all receive an A+ (that would be...."fantastic"!!) rating from me.
Yes, I did make it! I was really impressed with the store, & very suprised at how busy it was. The big show tank was nice, but I have to say that I loved the nano, & corner tank with the seahorses as much as the big display. I was also really pleased to see a big planted FW tank. Planted freshwater tanks are what attracted me to the hobby in the first place, & I dont think they get enough press.

It was also nice to see such a large & diverse supply of coral, AND livestock. I dont know if anyone will know what I am talking about, but in one of the tanks, I saw a really brightly colored (thini twas pink * yellow) snail.... I think it was a nudibranch, but a guy was workin on those tanks, so I didnt get close enough to see. If it was a nudi, arent that kind very hard, or impossible to keep alive in a home tank? Seems like I just read that somewhere, but couldnt recall where. I thought it would be a great addition, but dont want to put something in my tank that I would have no shot at keepin alive.

I also thought that the staff of the store was really personable. Everyone seemed to be helping someone. The lady behind the counter joked with my wife that our oldest had "babysitter" written all over her (we also had our 4 & 5 year old with us). It was a nice little trip up from Charleston... I would have loved to have spent more time lookin at the stuff, but I did good to get the family to accompany me at all, so we didnt stay for too long.

Great store!