Best place to order a Bimac ??


In Memoriam
Ok, I planned on getting a baby bimac from FFexpress but I missed the gold rush. They said they'd be getting more this week but turns out it'll be 3 or 4 months til they get more. So what's the best online place to order one? I hear good things about Do they know for sure how to ID bimacs?
Fishsupply is the place to go for a bimac. They sell wild caught bimacs. Make sure you tell Jack chris sent you and you want a small bimaculoides.
Make sure you say small and make sure you specify bimac. If you order a larger one there is a chance you will get a gravid female that will lay eggs in a few months. For some(like me lol) this is a dream come true. For others thas can be dissapointing. It is your best bet for a bimac right now since captive raised ones are sold out.
And yes.. Jack can ID a bimac.