Biocube 29 Refugium Question


New member
Hey all!! I am still a newbie to the craft and would like to start a refugium in the back of my biocube 29. (Someday I hope to get a mandarin)

I pretty much gutted the back.
In the first chamber I have a heater, a coralife skimmer.
I replaced the bioballs with 2 black foam pads and a poly pad on top in the 2nd chamber and Pura bag with Matrix bio media.
In the 3rd chamber I have a matrix carbon replacing the foam that came with the system and the return pump with a UV sterilizer on it.

My question is: would I be able to put a makeshift refugium in chamber 1 if I add Chaeto and a light to the area? I want to add some copepods so that my mandarin when I get him can always have something to snack on.

My tank has been up and running for about 10 days. I added Bio-spira I have 30 lb live sand and 18 lb of live rock from my LFS. About 2 days ago I started having lots of diatom growth and got some 4 snails and 6 hermit crabs as well as 2 peppermint shrimp since I have some aptasia. I have monitored every day and pH is 8.2, Amonia, Nitrate and Nitrite are all 0.