Breeding True Percula Clownfish: Summer batch!


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To those who were wondering when I would have clowns again, here we go again with a new batch of eggs. These were laid on Friday, 6.11


There's a twist this time. Notice that they ignored the tile I glued for them. Instead, the eggs have been laid directly on the rock by the foot of my magnifica anemone.

Will be a lot trickier to get eggs this time around. I'm going to try to use the Vossen larval trap on hatch night. Will keep you all posted on how that goes next week; anticipating them hatching next Sat or Sunday night.


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Nice! Interested to see how the larval trap works.

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While I'm not really one for equipment, I AM excited to tinker with the larval trap!

That's awesome! Good luck and keep us posted. For those interested, these babies are awesome!

Thanks! I'm so glad the other clown "taught" the first one to host your BTA! :)

I got the last two from the old batch and mine are still doing great.

so happy to hear!

How much for the parents clowns lol...jk, gd luck Jamie and put me down for a pair please.

For sure this time, Jesse!

Would you do shipping ?

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Most likely not, sorry. Wouldn't want to kill any in transit.

Awesome to see and best of luck! I'll be looking for updates.

Thanks! :)

Another thing I'm curious to see is whether the larvae would be able to avoid getting eaten by the anemone. They haven't metamorphosed, so there's no way they have that protective slime coat yet. What do you all think?


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Eggs are 6 days old. You can start seeing the silver in them. Estimated hatch date is this Saturday or Sunday .



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Fresh rotifers are here! Gearing up for the weekend hatch. Will let u know if the larvae trap method works


And acclimating!

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How long do you need to supply rotifers for them? Before moving up to a frozen or pellet food


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Messed with my powerheads last night and the anemone started walking.

Help! The ritteri's trampling the eggs!

Mama clown to the rescue! Both parents started biting/shooing away the mag's foot

Is tonight the night (hatch night)? Probably not. However, I will have my setup ready to go! :)

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Crazy! This is like a slow motion action film. Keep us posted.
Lol! Unfortunately, it's an ANTICLIMATIC ending :( I had my setup ready to go on Sat night, waited around for 2 hrs, didn't hatch.


Here it is, total darkness except the illumination from the tiny LED light.

No problem, I thought, I wasn't really expecting them to hatch til Sunday anyway.

Again, Ive only done the tile method in which the parents lay eggs on a tile and the entire tile goes into a 10 gallon tank, and the babies hatch there. This is my first time using the larval trap.

Some observations:

1. The larvae didn't hatch that night but a bunch of pods and worm like creatures, attracted to the light, made it into the trap instead. Future larvae predators perhaps?

2. Larvae trap vs the crazy powerheads/overflow/return flow in my tank. I'm thinking the larvae would get blown away, so I turned off all flow.

Come Sunday night, lights off at 11:30. I'm poised to go. Yet, after waiting 1.5 hours in the dark with no hatching, I started dozing off (1 am now!). With no flow in my tank for almost 2 hours, I got nervous and called it a night. IME, the eggs typically hatch within 30 mins of lights off using the tile method.

This morning? Well, whaddaya know, eggs hatched and gone! Urggh!

I am gluing tiles everywhere tonight! Lol

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Mine are so big now! They have broken up into 3 distinct family groups and one loner…. The one loner is the one in the BTA LOL