brown algae forms on sand in less than a day


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I have a reef tank that forms brown algae in less than a day after I clean it. Why is this? Dinoflaggettes? how can I prevent this?

Thanks in advance!


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Dinos usually diminish when the lights are out, then come back when the lights are on. You didn't provide too much of a description so it's hard to say, but dinos sound like a possibility. There's several methods to get rid of them, all with varying degrees of success. Personally I went with a mix of increasing my magnesium to 1500ppm, stopping water changes, and started dosing a carbon source. I can't vouch for any one of those in particular but they seemed to function well enough for me. Essentially anything you can do to improve the PO4 and NO3 levels will help.
Dinos are a pain in the neck, so for your sake I hope that it's something else.


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that sounds like anew tank...mine did that too...

tanks go trough stages....its like puberty lol. time should take care of it...also not topping off with tap water or over feeding helps.