Build a Diatom filter from scratch

They would work on a Vortex diatom return hose just like the hose kinking I mentioned above because the filter internally cycles via the turbulence tube. Since your design can't facilitate a tube, your powder just falls.
Yes I know, but the model I built does not recycle through itself like the old Vortex Diatom filters did. That feature never worked very well because the hole inside where it was supposed to cycle through was much to small. If you kink the hose on this one, nothing would happen. :giggle:

With the container starting you gave me, there is no need to kink the hose, use the internal tube or a valve. It works perfect and is simple.
I may build another one of these diatom filters but half the size that uses one micron filter element with no powder. The smaller pump is almost the same price and pumps 250GPH instead of 500GPH. I already have the half size filter housing and am looking for something to build but it will still cost me almost one hundred bucks to build.

But it's a fun project. :giggle:
I guess I could sell it but they ain't cheap to build. This is a good pump and I don't buy or build junk. :D

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Prototype of the larger one.

Diatom 1.JPG

OK the thing is finished

Finished Diatom filter.JPG

This is the base of the pump and the 4" PVC Pipe end cap screwed to the plastic board. These plastic boards are from Home Depot and it's 1 X 6 used for outdoor moldings.
Mounting on Diatom filter.JPG

I tapped the end cap for 1/4" X 20 screws to keep the filter housing in sturdy. If you can't do that or if your name is Humble you can live without it but the housing will be loose. I will put in 4- 1/4 X 20 X 3/4" nylon thumb screws just to hold it but not to tight as I don't want to crach the thing
Tapping Cup.JPG

I will change those stainless screws to nylon when I get them. I used brass screws to secure the end cap to the plastic board because I had them. You can use stainless steel screws. #8 X 1/2" pan or round head screws.

I replaced the clear tubing with PVC pipe because now you can just unscrew the 1/2" union and unscrew the top of the filter housing to replace the cartridge or clean it. Simple.

You should be able to see the plumbing parts I used from the finished picture but if not, let me know what you want to know

Building Diatom showing Cap.JPG
I just ordered parts for a half size diatom filter but this one has a one micron cartridge and it doesn't work with powder. It should work perfect for people concerned about parasites (I am not). I can't find a one micron pleated cartridge to use with powder. I want to see how this one works and how easy it is to clean. The cartridges are only five bucks so even if I can't clean it, it is still cheap enough to change the cartridges occasionally.

Hopefully next week I will be able to build the thing and test it.

It will cost me about $115.00 in parts because I am using a good pump. :giggle:
I received all the parts to build the small diatom filter. This one will be rather expensive because the "frame, supports and base" will be 1/2" acrylic sheet. One square foot of the stuff is about $25.00 and each filter uses one square foot.

This one is just for me to experiment but if I ever made any more I don't think I would use acrylic just for the cost. But I like it so much better than any other material and it looks like jewelry. 😁
That is one of the counterweights that lifts the front of the tank. there are 2 of them. It used to be a Windex bottle but I needed the Windex. 😁

You can see it here near the beginning of the video.
The thing goes up using a linear actuator like I have all sorts of things moving in my house. Sheese, so simple. :)

Doesn't everybody build stuff like this? How do people run reef tanks without inventing things?
If I had to rely on manufacturers I would still have fish in the bottoms of wooden wine barrels like I used to keep fish, frogs and turtles in the 50s :oops:
I had my halide t5 rack on a linear actuator with a block and tackle pulley setup. Originally was to simulate sunrise through midday and sunset. It worked but I never finished the software…. Like most things.

I am too lazy to invent these days though. I enjoy working with my hands and brain, but am DIYd out with aquarium stuff. Looking at 3D printers and asking myself why.
I have a resin 3D printer but it takes me so long to set it up and design on it that I rarely use it. My very old Windows 7 is so slow with it that I get the horrors. :(
I have the half size diatom filter about half assembled and it is looking snazzy. (thats a word I haven't used since the 50s)

I am just short a 1/2" union and a few short stainless steel screws so hopefully it will be completed today. I hope to test it right away. It looks very nice so even if it doesn't work, I can still sell it as Steam Punk. :)
Actually I just finished it 5 minutes ago. :D

Now all I have to do is test the small one. The large one works perfectly. I have a one micron element for the small one but I am not sure how easy I can clean it. I can't seem to find a 5" pleated element in 5 microns. If I can't find one, I will just build it but for now, I am going to run the small one on y tank as a test.

Now that the prototypes are completed I can build them much faster but I have no plans to produce these things for now. I may show them to the manufacturer who builds the majano wand but I doubt they will want to make them and neither do I (for now anyway except for experimental purposes)