Can I keep Clams under 175 watt MH?


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I would like to add a few clams to my tank. I just upgraded to a 200 gallon Oceanic with 3 x 175 watt 10000K. With 2 - 72" 160 watt VHO Super Actinic Blue w/ Ice Cap 430 Ballast. The MH are about 4" off the water. What types of clams would thrive under these lights? Also I do plan on upgrading my light to 3 x 400 watt 20000K in 6-8 months if this matters.

hey will,
According to your light you have displayed i would say you have enough lighting for a derasa or Squamosas since these are of the lower light spiicies....well actually the derasa likes medium to high light ....but get other opinions first because i could be wrong......well good luck , discented

p.s. You may very well have enough lighting for a maxima but i dont know there requirments so thats why i didnt put one of those down.

I have a a clam, not sure what sort, bright blue on dark blue mantle???????

I only have 4 x 30w Floresants, 2 white, 2 x Blue

he is doing well, but I do make sure he is fed well, on plankton and fish juice, but he is doing well, about 1.4 " grouth in 4 months or so.

chrislove01 said:
I have a a clam, not sure what sort, bright blue on dark blue mantle???????

This sounds like a Maxima. When they are young, from what I have read, they rely a lot on disolved nitrate for food, but once they reach 4"+ most of the food comes from Zoox..

Your lighting will quickly become very inadequate and one day soon your clam will look funny and the next day it will be an empty shell. This is when most people claim that their bristleworms ate their clam. In reality the clam wasted away to almost nothing, died, and the worms finished up the scraps.
Well that has really raised my spirits....

I think I'll go slash my rists.....

The Guy at the LFS has a nice 6" in a tank, he feeds it directly, as I do mine, clam doesn't close up at all.... with 2 30w tubes..... been there about 6 months..... hope mine makes it, it has allready survived an attack from a damn dirty crab, we will see,

Also in the evenings it gets full sunlight for about 3 hours, could this be why it is doing ok?

3 hours of full sunlight will certainly raise it's chances. Does it get sunlight all year? There's nothing better for a clam!

I didn't mean to dampen your spirits, sorry... But the clam still has a chance if you get it some more light...intense light...If it gets full sunlight all year it should be fine depending in how much filtering the sunlight goes through... Maxima and Crocea require very intense light. I would love one, but I don't have the light. I am keeping a Squamosa though :)
Mate I live in the UK

there is NEVER sunlight everyday, but yes it is full sun, when it does shine it shines on the corner of the tank where the calm is and my fuge..... Fingers crossed....


I would say that a Derasa should be fine under 175W. With the maxima and crocea I would hold off until you get those 400W as it should make life alot easier on the clam.
i have 2 croceas under 1x175 halide and 4x95 vho. they have been in there 7 months and doing very well. i do have them way at the top about 10 inches from the top. i have heard of reports of clams suddenly dying from lack of light even after a year. i hope this does not happen to me. i do have some purple tipped acropora that is growing moderately. you may want to wait until you update your lighting depending on where you want to place the clam.
I have a 120 gallon with 2 - 250watt mh 10k + 2 - 55watt actinic pc's. When my tank is cycled could I keep clams? is this enough light?