capricornis sting?


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I had a little scarlet hermit traipse onto a cap frag. It wandered about in the usual blundering fashion, picked up some aragonite that had gotten blown up onto the frag, took a few other picking bites, maybe at detritus. And about the time I was ready to intervene for the sake of the frag, the crab suddenly collapsed, bump! face-forward into its shell and stayed there a moment. It made several attempts to get up, finally got to an edge and got down, but did not move too far for a while, then wandered off perfectly fine. I'm wondering if that coral has defenses that aren't evident to the human handler.
Montipora can sting by their nemocysts but I don't think they could produce a blow that serious. I'd say it was something else.
Interesting. The little crab went over so suddenly---and continues to do well, now that he's off. It could just have been surprise at a nasty taste, one supposes, but it was certainly odd behavior for this particular crab...and he might have ingested a bit of montipora. Hmmn.