Caught a Mantis! :D


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I caught a mantis today :D when i was getting sand from a beach in South Australia to make a dsb in my 65gal, its about 1" long it is a spearer :D its almost transparent and has yellow and black spots and looks invisable on sand , :rollface:
it saves me from going to lfs and looking for mantis's, i went to one place that beleves in ugf and NO for everything :rolleye1: and got told theres no such thing as mantis shrimps :confused: and after arguing with the lfs owner about this for a while he changed his mind and said he had some mantis shrimps, wich turended out the me FW Shrimps :rolleye1:
ill try and get a photo of my little guy but all i can see of him/her are its eyes poking out of the sand :D
Wow! Sounds like an interesting mantis! Get him a few damn-sels as tankmates :D

Post pics!