Center support broke loose on my 90 :(


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Well, a week ago my center top support broke so I ran to home depot and got a clamp for it and it seems to be doing the job for now. I am taking this opportunity to do an upgrade but I have a few questions.

I am currently looking at the marineland 120 and 150 gal because of there overflow placement which I like over the all glass aquariums. I also plan to use a 40 gallon as sump/fuge. I have a total of 6 fish and numerous frags of lps/sps. 2 clowns, firefish, green chromis and a kole tang.

There is ich in my tank and would also like to take this opportunity to rectify that as well. I started setting up a QT for the fish and plan on doing copper treatment in the QT. I have a sponge seeding in my fuge now and planned on doing my regular scheduled 20 gal water change only filling my QT with the DT water while doing the water change and then sticking the seeded sponge in my filter for the QT.

So, the fish will be in quarantine with copper treatment for ich. A question I have is, should i just leave the DT running for 10 weeks without fish to get rid of the ich in the DT? I would like to use my current aquascape in my new tank. Its 50 lb of dry rock. I would also like to use my substrate as well. Will leaving the DT fishless for 10 weeks be a sufficient way to rid of the ich so I don't have to worry about contamination of my new tank that I am setting up?

I am just trying to figure out the best possible way to get rid of the ich while also doing a tank break down and a new setup. Any suggestions and thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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