Common Algae Photo Periods - Siesta Period


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I was curious if anyone had any info on the photo periods of common marine algae. IE all you good and bad types of algae, diatoms, chaeto, HA, etc. Photo period being the amount of time it takes for these organisms to start photosynthesis from complete dark.

My reason for asking this was I read an article a while back about algae control that used a method called a "Siesta Period" The basic general idea was that it only takes about an hour or two for your corals to get going on photo and you algaes take longer, about 4 hours. So the idea was that you'd run your lights 4 on, 1 off, 4 on, or something to that affect.

Does anyone have any of this information, or has had any experience with this method?


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I had a similar thread like this and very little research has been done. About the only thing that has been noted is the reproductive cycle being altered by the lack of a light cycle. Some will not reproduce unless they get a dark period.

A very wide open area of research for sure..