Cycled 40g breeder QT also cycled 20G long QT


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40 gallon breeder QT includes:

Reef keeper controller

Large bio wheel filter

150w Ehiem Jager heater

Garage type light


5g standard tank for ATO

No stand


20 Gallon long

2 bio sponge filters full cycled and running in the 40 currently

Dual air pump aqueon

Eheim heater


12g long bookshelf planted set up with light and nano HOB filter. Back pain needs to be painted, its a UNS tank. The back needs to be repainted. Comes with a planted spectrum led light.


I'm done QT'ing my fish and these are taking up too much room. I'll be breaking them down today and cleaning them up. I will keep all live media and filters cycling in a bucket until pickup if someone wants to pick up soon.

I'll get a picture up today once I clean out my garage a bit and can access everything better.




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I've decided to keep the 20 g with controller and bio wheel for future use.

40g breeder free had meds through it.

Planted tank 12g long bookshelf UNS with full spectrum led light, filter nano heater $25 Paint on back needs to be touched up.

6g bow front UNS $10