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I been running my tank for 5 weeks now I put in two damsels a blue one and a strippped one. The blue one got some kind of white spots on him the white one is doing good. Those anyone know wat that is. I have hermits and snails there doing good as well.


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I would guess that your blue damsel has ich as well. It's been there awhile though? A lot of times it's just a piece of sand. Start researching ich. I would run hyposalinity if you do believe it is ICH.


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how often do you do water changes?
what is the total water volume percentage of WC's?
do you own any test kits?
what size is your tank?
how much if any live rock (LR) do you have?
is it tryin to rub the spots against 'anything' in the tank?
and a few other "?"s...
hey, we were all newbies once, and the more infomation you can provide, the better and faster anyone would be able to help you. :)


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have you had a chance to visit the Reef Chemistry forum yet?
there is alot of majorly important things that are available for better understanding of what it takes to keep a reef alive.
goto: "reef articles" and prepare yourself for some really interesting studies with proven methods.
learn how to make your own (CaC12) Calcium Chloride for pennies on the dollar. as well as Magnesium, Kalkwasser and other major ingredients.
if you are serious about this hobby youre gonna need alot of patience, a little time and understanding to have the beautiful tanks you see posted here on RC.
hope i didnt scare you off! just being true to the habit/hobbie. :D
JDM :smokin: :p :cool: