Dead clam


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Well it looks like I have another dead clam in my tank. This clam has been with me for the past 4 months and I thought it was doing great. Found it dead in my tank this morning when it was doing great yesterday. It didn't grow much so I dunno if it was thriving or not. Guess not now. Now I am down to 3 clams and all the others are growing. Man this stinks. :(
Man that sucks. Do you have any idea as to what caused it to die?

I have a Derasa clam in my tank and I am very fond of it. SO I can somewhat feel you must be going through. :(
I dunno how it died. I checked and didn't see any pyramid snails, no predators at all. Water parameters are the same and no recent changes in the tank. This is the third clam I have lost in the past year. No more clams for a while. :(
what does a pyramid snail look like? i had 2 black and white snails in my tank that were very small they attached themselves to one of my colonies of zooz and it appeared to be eating them?
they had like a tiny string that they held on with but it was very strong when i pulled on them they actually picked up the rock with the zooz on it that tenticle or whatever it is was almost like a strand from a spider web. anyone know what it is? i have a pic but it is too many bytes and i don't know how to downsize the file so i can post it.