Even larger fish tank!!!


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Well i think i have one of the larger aquariums on this forum now. I woke up this morning to a dream. I have an aquarium that is about 25'x75'x an average depth of 3'. Yes those are all suppose to be footage. That comes out to about 42,077 gallons. Its filled with water and ready for salt. Its very well insulated and wont need much for heating and cooling. Now i just need to figure out the lighting situation. In case you are wondering what the tank is made out of, its my house. The water line busted yesterday and my crawl space is full. Fun, fun!!!:D
that sucks.....wanna borow my mask qand snorkel? Since I dont have my tank running I dont need them right now.
I spent the 4th of July replacing 200' of 2" PVC water line due to multiple breaks. The water company came out because of a complaint of water standing at the meter and found that both sides of the meter had leaks. A fun weekend was had by all involved. Need any help let me know
I borroweed a large pump from the city office and hopfully can get to it this evening. Thanks for the replies, i just thought i would try to make a funny out of the situation.
It was a plastic piece of crap line that split. We put a coupling in it to fix it for now.