exact height of the euro-reef cs80?

nemo g

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i know it is listed as 22", but from my experience that can be off almost an inch on various equipment.

can someone take a tape measure to theirs for me and get me an exact measurement.

iv barely got 22.5" in my cabinet, and the tank will take up almost .5", so its got to be nomore than 22 to squeeze in there.




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I'm considering the same skimmer to use on a second tank I'm setting up.

Also any other comments on the skimmer itself, would you recommend it or any other skimmers in it's place?


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I have one. I'll have to check the height tonight. Its an awesome skimmer. Its built like a champ, skims my 55 display w/ a 55 sump/fuge real well. Within 24 hrs i was getting dark brown skimmate. The skimmer is almost silent (well with the sounds of my overflows and return pump i can't hear it!).
Premium Aquatics has the free shipping and the $198.00 pricetag. Can't beat that deal.
If you're looking for a skimmer and it will fit where you want it, I'd get it.


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nemo g,

It is exactly 22 inches as I just measured mine. I replaced a ES5-2 with the CS80 on our 29g frag tank and it works much better(A little skimmer overkill :) but can use if I upgrade bigger on this too). The ES worked great but like stewie24 it started pulling much darker skimmate out within 24 hrs of install. Great skimmer for the 198.00 price :)