Feeding problem with my BTA


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I've had my BTA for about 6 months now and currently am hosting a pair of gold stripe maroones in it.

I've been having trouble feeding it due to the other fish in the tank.

When I feed prawns the tangs will actually pick the prawn out of the anemone to eat it. Then the same thing happens when I feed silversides with my Harlequin Tusk.

Is there is a liquid type food that I feed using a pipet directly into the mouth of the BTA to assure it gets its entire meal?



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i have a cleaner shrimp that likes to try the same thing. try feeding the fish at the same time to distract them.


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That works until they're done with their food and then they go after the anemone's food, which takes much longer to eat.

Plus, the Harlequin Tusk prefers the anemone's food to its own and will stop eating to steal food. Doesn't it sound like fun :)

So back to my original question, what liquid type food will an anemone eat? I'm tired of playing guardian for 30 minutes while the anemone eats, chasing the fish away from his food, it's eventually going to stress them out and then I'm going to have bigger problems.


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none. If your anemone is taking 30 minutes to eat something else is likely wrong. A healthy BTA should scarf down lunch in a couple minutes tops.


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Are you giving it large chunks of food? If so, you might try a quarter inch or smaller chunks of food after you have fed your fish.