First Clam - Help


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Hi guys,

I have decided on adding a few clams to my 75 gallon reef and was seeking some expert advice. Since there are no LFS that carry them I will need to use a mail order from the internet. I have been surfing the web but was looking for any suggestions / recommendations for the best place to order from (good quality / best price). I would prefer captive raised so I can feel like a nice guy :) Thanks a lot I hope all is well.

Clams for sale

Clams for sale

The best I have personally seen,and they WILL take your breath away,is at Harbor Aquatics,and Joy is a Joy to talk to!
Harbor Aquatics location

Harbor Aquatics location

I just noticed your location,and Harbor Aquatics is within an hour's drive for you!!!!!!
Even if you don't buy 'em ya gotta check 'em out!