Fish of the week #5 LARRIETTUS MARASSI Minnesota trigger


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LARRIETTUS MARASSI Minnesota trigger

A popular fish, this species can be kept by the most inexperienced reefers. Feeding is not a problem, since it rarely refuses any type of food. One should be wary of overfeeding it however, since a distended stomach may develop. Due to its large appetite, it is best kept in a large home. Some aquarists recommend only keeping it in acyrlic tanks, however, since there have been reports of it cracking glass tanks.

While normally a sociable fish, care should be given in selecting tank mates. The trigger is definitely the king of the tank. It will accept other tankmates, but if they attempt to question its dominance, it will normally chase the challenging fish until they are banished to a isolated part of the tank (which gives rise to its other common name, the hare trigger.)

Like other triggers and some puffers, the minnesota trigger likes to play contractor in the tank. It should be given plenty of pieces of rock and coral skeleton to play with, as it will frequently rearrange the rockwork in the tank. Increasinly larger tanks should be provided for the minnesota trigger, since it will almost appear to get bored if kept confined in the same tank for any length of time.

At this time, little is known about the mating habits of this species. It has never spawned in captivity, and has rarely been observed spawning in the wild. Differences between the male and female of the species are minute at best, and only experienced aquarists will be able to discern them.

This species is not available mail order, and is normally only found in select LFS in the northern United States.

I've read that they are able to camoflage themselves, but only from the waist down :D


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Mn Trigger also tries to abandon the marine habitat, but is genetically unable to make the change. It has never met a power tool it didn't want to own, hence it's attraction to diy. As I recall, spawning behaviors and Vivaldi have some correlation, but you'll have to check the archives for further info. The camo from the waist down is a hoax, last time it moved a tank it was outfitted in the usual blue denim, thank god.
I've heard that L. Marassi is one of the few marine fishes that drinks beer and watches football!
Hey Agu, since you are from Minnesota I wondered if you have ever seen L. marassiin its natural habitat? Any insights on its spawning behaviour?
In addition to the above, the L. Marassi predatory habits shold be discussed. While it is well known they do enjoy re-arranging rockwork, there seems to be a drive to become predatory in late seasons of the year. There has only been enough study done to identify the behavior and more is being done to as to the reason and advantages of this predatory activity.


"Minnesota Nice" upbringing prevents me from discussing spawning behaviors for this species, even if I knew anything.
As far as natural habitat I've noticed this species is always in close proximity to boxes of water. Of course I'm also close to boxes of water at the same time so I'm not sure if this means anything.
Also, Mn Triggers tend to "school" the second week of each month. Is this a behavior found in other regional subspecies?