Fish only setup?


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The wife and I are looking to start off with a fish only tank. We are about to purchase an All Glass 75 gallon with a built in overflow. What do you recommended to be the best set up. Such as filter/skimmer/etc. Also, what type of fish do best in a fish only tank? Also, is this a good tank to start off with? Any tips and advice would be very helpful. We have already leared a ton just by reading all the posts on the board!
Well a 75 gallon is a good size to start with. For filteration, A fuge and a coralife super skimmer ( 125 model ) would work great. Then Get atleast 40lbs of liverock and maybe some baserock. Then for flow, two or three maxi-jet 1200s or two seio 620s would be good.
Here's A good web site for picking fish that will go with each other, U just pick your tank size and then it shows you a bunch of fish and when you move your mouse over them it shows you fun facts about that fish when you select them by dragging them into your tank it then shows you by color which other fish are safe with that fish in your tank. Very cool web site here you go

Fish Selector

Hope it helps out
ya know, I REALLY don't like that fish selector now...

I can fit 5 tangs and a blue angel in a medium sized tank... its good for selecting fish, but not a end-all be all type of site, and doesn't have complete listings... AND I can put inverts and corals in a tank with puffers ;)

its a great tank to start with, 75 gallons you can get alot of fish. since your doing a FOWLR, I suggest you go down to the aggressive and FO tank forum here on RC. You may fall in love with some of the odd FO fish down there!!!!
Thanks for the info!
And for the bottom do you need live sand base or
can you just use crushed coral? As for live rock, does it
add any benefit to the tank besides looks?
live rock adds to the filtration. its not just for looks... thats something to research!!! but, it helps break up some of the nutrients, and many fish live off of things living in the LR (LR=live rock)

you don't need sand, you don't need live sand, and many people say don't use crushed coral.

for a FOWLR a sand bed is good... shallow or deep, thats some of the work your going to have to do!!! there are pros and cons to each. I suppose with a FOWLR you can get away with crushed coral... but I still say, go on down to the agressive forum and start reading!!!
I know the live rock provides some filtration, I just
didn't know if it would serve a large purpose in a FO
tank since it would have a wet/dry or something similar
to filter the water.
it still adds to that, PLUS the fish will not be as stressed out: in the wild, (I'm saying that alot tonight.. wow) they hide and live and hunt in the LR. wihtout it, they can easily get stressed out and get sick, be it ich, velvet, or just suddenly stop eating. you can use 'dead' rock, and be just fine... I'd still 'seed' it with a couple of pounds of live rock, so it eventually becomes full of life.
But it's not absolutley necessary to have live rock for a fish only system. Lots of people have SW tanks without live rock and use a wet/dry filtration system. The wet/dry will create nitrates but in a fish only system it really does not matter. The nitrates will be diluted with periodic water changes.

There are all kinds of decorations that one can get to simulate the ocean. They don't look as realistic as live rock and of course offer no biological benefit and they are quite expensive. So it is really up to the individual as to how they want to set up have there tank look.