Floating white strings


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Hi from Aus,

First post on RC! This is my first tank ever and I've recently began setting it up. Its a Juwel Rio 300 (on its own atm until I can reseal the sump I bought). For substrate I got sand from the beach that is about 100m away from a small coral reef and then filled up with natural sea water. I also threw in some dry rocks I collected while getting the sand. I don't have any live rock yet as I need to wait for a good low tide on my days off before I can get any (hopefully mid Feb).

So the tank has been sitting for a week with power heads on (but not lights). I came home from night shift this morning and noticed these white stings floating on the surface of the water. They cover the entire surface. I have no idea what they are and no idea how to remove them as there are so many. I don't know if they could be hitch hikers as I don't have any live rock yet. My test kit also hasn't arrived yet so unfortunately I cant give water parameters. Any ideas as to what they could be?

This was a couple of days ago as the water was clearing and I realize now that you can just see them starting to form in the tank.