Found two Aiptasia on live rock - How do I get rid of them


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I have discovered two small Aiptasia on one piece of live rock. I can remove this piece without disturbing anything else to deal with them. There are many other critters on this piece so I really don't want to nuke it.

I was given a bottle of "Aiptasia-X". Should I use that, or some other method to deal with these pests. How does the Aiptasia-X work anyway? From the directions it seems to cover the anemone attachment site. Is that right?


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I think you attempt to feed the white gunk to the aiptasia. If you succeed it will die. But that's probably not the last you'll see of them. So far in my experience, peppermint shrimp are the best disposal method, but they'll often 'farm' them, refusing to do in a big one, and going after the tasty babies---at least they do keep them under control. If you get juvvies, about 5 of them, the odds are ONE of them will go after them, and if one does, the rest will.


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i used a similar product to aiptasia-x to get rid of mine. i had quiet a few popping up during, and shortly after, my cycle.

i nuked all the ones i could find my hand, and when the tank was ready i got myself several peppermint shrimp. i haven't seen one since.

i've heard others have had various levels of success with peppermint shrimp, but for me they've worked a wonder.


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They are like mice. You see 2, there are 5x. That u don't see. Search here for methods to rid them NOW. There is no one method that works 100%. You might have to try several before u find one that works. Wish u luck. One thing to remember is, if you are not killing the foot. U are fighting a losing battle.


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So if I lift out the rock, pull the ones I can see, then scrape where they were attached, is that as good a chance as any? Or should I follow this procedure up with a dab of Aiptasia-X as well? I like peppermint shrimp, so I'll get some of them as well.


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Make a thick paste of Kalkwasser powder and water. Cover the area where the anemone is, cement it in, works 100% of the time. Not only can it not escape but behind the kalk paste is a caustic slurry that will melt it in minutes. I have used this method for 10 years ++ and it never fails, ever.

Only downside is that it leaves a light patch on your rock that algae will not grow on for a few months but that is easily fixed by just turning the rock in a way that you can not see it. ...and turn off your power heads so a big glob doesn't get blown away and land in the middle of your prize anemone.... (don't ask!)


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Don't pull them, you won't get it all and they regenerate from the pieces left. Follow the instructions on the Aiptasia-X.