Free frags and cat


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The frags come free... with the cat. Cat is a ragdoll/himalayan female about 6 years old. Spayed and declawed. Fine with kids, other cats, and dogs (as long as your dog is OK with cats) but since she has no way to defend herself make sure it is a cat friendly dog. She was an indoor cat for the first few years, and then indoor/outdoor and is now completely outdoor since one of our three dogs is not cat friendly. Would like her to find a new indoor home, or at least indoor-outdoor.

As for the free frags, we have various corals you can choose from, xenia, zoos, or SPS. Must take cat to get frags :)

Here's a picture of her, she's a bit scruffy since she's been a completely outdoors cat. Could probably use a good bath and some brushing. Will also give 1/2 bag of her current food to get you started. Must be able to provide good home. We are located in Mesa off Stapley & Mckellips. PM me if you need more info.



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how fast does it grow?
do you need to target feed it?
what kind of lighting does it need?

and most of all... how the heck to you frag it?


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I can provide an indoor home, no other animals, besides a reef tank. I would love to have a cat... she looks pretty.

Let me know if fishaholic911 doesn't take her...


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This is such a sweet kitty. I am always telling Scott and Erin I am gonna take her home when I leave their house but I have 3 other cats and I know one would be upset.

Which ever of you guys takes her, you won't be disappointed. :)