gravity, specificly

I have been letting a new 10 gal tank stew for a week or so. It has LR and LS from an existing tank. I had mixed my water to to a 1.0215 ish SG.

A week later i check it again, and the reading differs all over the tank. i have readings from 1.016 to off the scale above 1.032. including some of the intended 1.0215 ish.

does this sound right, am i botching the test?
What are you using to measure your SG? In that small of a tank you should not be getting different readings.
If your using a hydrometer, make sure you rinse it with fresh water first to get rid of any salt build-up within the meter. Then when you do fill it with water, make sure there's no bubbles on the arm, otherwise, you'll get a false high reading.
w00t 500...yay.
Are you using a plastic hydrometor like this:

If so, that is your problem. These are known to be innaccurate big time. You could clean it in vinager really well, and hope it starts giving you a more accurate reading.

Better though, would be to pick up one of these:

Also, if you are doing fish only, a better SG would be 1.023. For corals, most would reccomend 1.025-1.027

It is unlikely that you have different SG's in your tank, unless there is no water flow what so ever, and even then it is still unlikely.

Good Luck!
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w00t 500...yay.
And getting there by helping others :thumbsup:
I am using the swingarm plasitic.. coralifre deep six, the bubbles could very well be the reason for the high readings... seem then the 'grain of salt' to take w/ those should be that i use the lowest reading it gives? or there about...

the tank is mainly for my mantis, it does have one damsel fish, the rest are all invert food.
I'm with the others: I use a glass hydrometer, $7 at the LFS. next BIG purchase will probably be a refractometer.

the swing arm types are, well.... just throw it away. see if you can find someone with a glass hydrometer, or a refractometer. the swing arm type just won't hold out for what its ment to do... sorry...

that said, in a pinch, do as xeniamania says.

oh, edit: what type of mantis ya got? my first saltwater tank was a mantis: named George!!!
Well, it looks like you are going to have to work with what you have. In this case, clean it really well before and after each use. Salt can build up on it and restrict its movement. Also, after you fill it with water, tap it several times to get all the bubbles out. Then you have to put it on a flat surface and see what it comes up with.

Perhaps you could try looking on ebay for a refractometor...If I remember correctly, I bought mine for just around 20 bucks after shipping....
I remember seeing a link for a refractometer that also measured dissolved solids?
Does anyone have a link to one of those? Im still using an instant ocean hydro and would rather 'upgrade' to one of those in the near future.

Oh yes, Vinegar is our cleaning friend:D