Green algae?


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I am fairly new to the hobbey so any advice would be great. I have had my 29G tank for about 6 months and have just recently got an outbreak of green algae. I have recently added a new light which probably has something to do with it. It is mostly on the sand bed but some is starting to grow on the rocks also. I think it is from having to many nitrates in the sandbed. How do I get rid of this. Picking it off by hand is an endless battle. Thanks for any advice.
light doesnt cause algae. It can HELP it tho, thats for sure. There has to be some sort of nutrients for the stuff to start growing...then added light will just make it take off. But what kind of algae is it? hair? slimey? if its mostly on the sand bed, it could be cyano or green slime algae.

But yes, nitrates cause algae...i dont know if it would be because of the sandbed tho...test for trates. and for phosphates too while you're at it.
does it look like this?

here's a better pic of red slime algae...looks the exact same texture and everything, just it like that but green?