Group led buy

I am planning on purchasing some LED from a place and they offer a sweet deal if 12 are bought. I am local in Tampa Bay. I am going to buy 3 units myself. 100% DIY layout dimmable fixtures 120 watts 55x 3 watt LED fixtures. I am gaining nothing from this just trying to help others get a great light at a great price. I am buying my 3 whether group or not. If anyone is interest or would like more details please contact me. I am ordering my lights this weekend.
Thanks, Ty (727) 400-9190 call or text

I am trying to abide by all the RC rules as I do not want to step on anyone's toes as I like this site for the plethora of knowledge. I will not discuss any vendor or suppliers on this forum as I know they do not permit that. Please contact me for any and all details.


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I think I'm in for 1 unit. The price is right all custom made to what u want and warrenty for 3 years. At under $150 ea I'm in. Sent u email


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I highly doubt that they are Cree's at that price. More than likely Bridgelux at that price point.
I do not wish to disclose any names, brands, links, or anything that is frowned upon, on this thread. Please contact me thru other means for details, links, descriptions, etc. Thanks, Ty
Anybody else interested? These fixtures will grow coral no problem. I am planning on ordering them soon... Please get contact me with any questions. Thanks, Ty
Can u pm or email me the info on these.
Interested in 1. Thanks

Everybody has been responded to. I am going to order as soon as I get one more fixture. I am stoked! My Nems are going to love my new LEDs after I get them accustom to it. Less heat and power consumption has me sold. Dimmable on 2 channels so If I want a "cooler/blue" look its at my fingertips as well as the natual sunlight color of 2x warm whites. Perfect time to try out the LED craze with out spending a small fortune. I know of people who have frags that cost more HA.
Just got confirmation on the final fixture. I will be sending the layouts to Sunny today and she will then send me back an invoice. We will double check the invoice and verify everything is correct. Then we Place the Order!!! If anyone wants in on this deal let me know ASAP. I will try to get order in as soon as Sunny get s online. Text or email with any questions. Thanks, Ty