Hair algea remedies


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I am starting to see some hair algea through out my time, not a lot let thats why i am asking if anyone knows some good and effect ways to get rid of this. My tank is a 55g 260w of PC's half day and half actinic. I am running a emporer 280, millinuim 2000 and a 150 seaclone skimmer. It has been up and running for about 9 months. The livestock that i have are :
-Kole tang
-Percula Clown
-Magenta Basselet
-Six Lined Wrasse
-Porcupine Puffer
-Hammer Head
Any remedies will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
In the short term I would look at more flow- add some powerheads. The flow will help keep detritus from settling to form substrate for algal growth. You need to get about a 10-20 time turn over rate, I would probably use 3-4 MaxiJet 1200. I would also test Nitrate and Phosphate and lower these if necessary to near 0 levels. Use water changes and phosphate sponges. I would also consider lightening the fish load- the puffer might be a good one to trade in- he will outgrow his home and they are prone to ich and generally better suited to a large FOWLR specialized set up than a reef tank. I would also keep tabs on Calcium and KH. A high KH helps with algae troubles- go for 12-14DKH. Keep the Calcium at at least 350 preferably 400.

In the long run I would drop the two powerfilters. They are not necessary and a likely contibutor to Nitrate build up as the trap detritus. Get a bigger more powerful skimmer- this will work wonders. I would choose a simple hang on like the Remora or the Precision Marine HOT.