hand protection ??

What kind of diver's gloves? you mean like the thick neoprene ones you'd use diving on a real reef?

They should be OK, but it seems excessive to me. Just get a pair of those durable rubber gloves made for dishwashing.

At any rate, make sure whatever you use doesn't have any contaminants on it!


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Someone suggested the long gloves used by vets for birthing large animals, but I can't seem to find them to order, apparently you need to ask your vet to get them for you.


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I have thermocline (5 mm) gloves by Deep Sea made of neoprene! Don't latex gloves have talc powder on them? Can latex contaminant your water?


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You may want to also get a pair of long handled tweezers. Sears sells a pair for about $10, as does DFS. In many situations you do less damage to your tank with tweezers than your hands, especially in close spaces.