Has anyone seen this behaviour in their fish?


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So, about 10 days ago I purchased a bi-colour angel and a red elongated dottyback and put them in my qt. I was a bit worried about the angel being aggressive to I've had my eye on him.

It's the weirdest thing.. and maybe it is aggressive behaviour?? but it doesn't look like it. My angel literally stalks my dottyback. Stays about 2-6inches behind. Has never nipped at him or even swam quickly at him. The only time I see him move fast is when the dottyback is behind a piece of pvc or something and the angel can't see him... and once he sees him again he just stops moving. The behaviour is similar to how my clowns act.

At first I thought maybe it just wan't nipping when I was watching but I once walked up to my tank and they were both in the same piece of pvc.. just chilling out on top of one another.

Anyone else have an experience like this? Is this aggressive behaviour?


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Doesn't sound like aggressive behavior to me. More like curiosity. I've seen that kind of interaction between my clown and my six line wrasse.