Heat wave loss :( looking for a chiller


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Was out of town a day and came home and my tank was at 84deg most corals browned out and loss a 1/3 of my frags.
Not sure what could have been done since no one was home.
Chiller would have helped but doesn't usually get that hot in SF.
Is there a small chiller on the market for a 57gal?


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Man that sucks..if you have a controller Can you run a clip on fan in the sump triggered at a certain degree? Takes up less space than a chiller and way cheaper considering it won't be used much =)..


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Do not get the largest chiller you can afford, but one sized appropriately. Short cycling the compressor will cause premature failure.

The bigger the chiller, the less it's actually on and less it has to work, I've always ran the biggest chiller that I can afford