Hello, Geezer coming back to this forum. Paul B

The sea was a little a angry this morning. :D

Last week I released 6 of the 7 butterflies I grew. One of them, not this one was born with a bum wing and she can't fly.

I still have her in a cage where she can flap around and she "eats" or drinks Gatorade. She seems fine but a little bored. I think they only live a couple of weeks so when she dies, I will bury her.

So I finally broke down and took out my vintage microscope that I got from Galileo to see what this stuff is that is growing all over my tank in ugly strands which I thought was an evil algae. But like some people told me, it is dino's. Millions of them (I counted).

I took this from just putting my finger in the floating gunk on the water surface.

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I know it looks like the moon, but it isn't. They are dinos and they are alive, well and doing the macarana all over my tank. I find them rather interesting but they are beginning to bore me. I want to leave them there a little while longer until I am totally sure there is no more invasive sponge in my tank and these guys will smother anything trying to encrust on the rocks.

Soon I will change out this ASW which I am not thrilled with and again fill my tank with nice slightly polluted New York real seawater which should eliminate these guys. I think it's the sauerkraut water from the Hot Dog carts that does it.

In spite of all these dino's the tank is doing very well and the corals look great. I have about 44 fish but most of them are tiny so they are very hard to count, sort of like counting dino's.

My Doctor called me today to say he has my MRI. It seems the two tendons that hold my arm on my shoulder are both completely torn off the bone and that is bone on bone. My bicep is also shredded like cottage cheese. So if I turn fast my arm may fly off and hit someone casually walking by.

He said he is surprised I can move my arm at all. So my surgery is set for about 8 weeks from now and I will be getting a Brand new shiny aluminum shoulder most likely from Home Depot.

Now I go for (I think) a CAT scan so I may have to bring my Daughters cat. They need that to see how to build the artificial shoulder joint. This will be I think my 8th shoulder surgery and I also think my 33rd surgery in all. I am going for a record.

I already have a new knee which I am very happy with :giggle:
Yesterday morning at 6:15 I walked down to the beach with a bucket. I knew it would be low tide at 7:30 and I was early but thats when I do my morning walks. I also like to watch the sunrise before the rest of the world gets up and I get back home when most people are still sleeping.

The tide was somewhat low and there were exposed rocks at the shore so I decided to try to collect.
The first rock I lifted surprised me with hundreds of amphipods which I quickly swirled in a bucket of sea water. Then another and another. In 5 minutes I had thousands of amphipods and I assume millions of "free" copepods along with healthy mud full of bacteria.

I strained out most of the very fine mud and seaweed but kept everything else. I put it all in a small container and submerged it in my tank. I did that because I didn't want all the rocks and gravel I collected, just the bacteria and pods.

For hours they left the container and darted all over the tank. I also "shot" a bunch of the larger, "breeder" amphipods with eggs into my reverse undergravel filter where they will spawn. Even though these amphipods are from New York, they continuously spawn in my tank. I still find them from last year under the rocks. They make excellent scavengers and fish food and the bacteria keeps the tank healthy.

I took pictures and video's but I can't access those on this computer. When I get a minute, I will download them. I also twisted my ankle yesterday helping out a friend and between that and my broken shoulder, it takes me a little time to do some things right now. :)
Me too. Between my broken left shoulder and my twisted left ankle, I keep tilting to the right. :oops:
I have to check the tide tables.

This was the sunrise yesterday when I went to the beach to collect amphipods.
I have a video but it is sideways and I don't

know how to put it on U Tube like that.
You can rotate it on your phone
open the video on the phone. EDIT will appear, at the top on my iPhone. Touch it
Rotate is the 4th option at the bottom.
The video will appear in a box.
At the top is a square with an arrow. Touch it and the video will rotate 90 degrees. It will do it each time you touch it again.