Hello, Geezer coming back to this forum. Paul B

I am so "Lucky" that I was able to put about 10 fish in my tank in the last few months all from a filthy store where many of the fish exhibited ich and all kinds of other things and yet, I haven't lost anything to disease.

Now I probably have 45 healthy fish none of which were medicated, quarantined or sung to without one loss. My "luck" is unfathomable.

Even on my tangs or other Ich magnets.

I am going to go and call retired Supermodels to see if any of them want to come here to help me look at my tank. Maybe they have better eyesight and can see ich, velvet of Broknella or whatever it is called. :D
This morning I went down to the beach armed with a bucket because it was low tide. The tides here rise about 8' so the water goes way out at low tide and it exposes the rocks that line the bottom of the Sound.

There weren't thousands of amphipods like there will be in a couple of weeks but I got a nice supply. I also collected "Moose" amphipods which are about half to three quarters of an inch for my breeding population.

The main reason I collect this time of the year is for the mud with associated bacteria. I brought home about a cup of that which is also loaded with tiny copepods and amphipods.

After dumping out the floating very fine mud, I added the rest to my tank to the delight of my fish. :)

I lost both of these fish today. The yellow clown gobi I found him half stuck in my Gyre powerhead. He croaked.

And the little bleeny, I accidently caught in my diatom filter. I quickly opened the thing up and got him out. Then I caught him again.
He instantly swam into the inlet as I was putting the screen on. (I do that underwater just after I start it)

I again got him out but he looked like he got hit by a school bus. I put him back in the tank and immediately a cardinal fish ate him whole.

The cardinal was also pretty small and I didn't think he could eat him.

When you keep many tiny fish, this happens. Rarely, but it happens.

Last night we had friends over and I made saute'd Calamari over linguine with fresh pesto sauce. I grew the basil last year for the pesto. I also baked a loaf of rosemary Italian bread. :)

We have no leftovers.


So we had to be at her graduation at Fordham Law school at 7:45 am in the Bronx. (NYC). That is about 45 miles from me but the traffic there looks like a cup of live, adult brine shrimp and at that time in the morning, rush hour, it moves more like a cup of frozen brine shrimp.

We decided to go there the day before and sleep in a hotel. I searched the net for a hotel near by. It's not to far from Yankee Stadium.
I find a place 3 miles from the university and "WAYS" said it would take 40 minutes to get there from the hotel.

40 minutes to go 3 miles is normal for the Bronx or anywhere in the New York City boroughs.

I called to make the reservation and got the front desk. I don't think the girl I spoke to went to Fordham.
She was very nice but may have had the IQ of one of the apples on her desk.

She asked my name. I said very slowly "PAUL BALDASSANO". She asked "Is BALDASSANO your first or last name?".

I said Baldassano is my last name and PAUL, like the Saint is my first name.
OK. Spell it.... I asked Baldassano? She said "No, spell Paul".

OK. P A U L. Like the Saint. What Saint?. I said Saint Paul which I could tell went right over her semi empty head.

So I said, "Would you like me to spell Baldassano. She asked "Whats that?"

I replied, "my last name". She said "Oh OK, spell that".

I spelled my name very slowly 3 times. Then I had to spell it phonetically. 3 times.

B, as in ballerina, A, as in the apple in your head, L, as in lunatic, D as in dope and so on.

Then she asked my E Mail which ends in AOL.COM. She asked "Whats that"?

I said My E Mail. She said "Can I spell it?". I said "spell what"? She said "Spell AOL. COM".

I said "Spell what?" She said "AOL.COM". I said, "Thats it."

She said, "What"? I said AOL.COM.
My wife was hysterical and I said it again but she never heard of it. I know no one uses AOL.COM any more but I was here way before the internet was invented and I got AOL and still have it. This girl who seemed to be about 30 never heard of it. She never even heard of ".COM".

So I spelled it very slowly. A O L . C O M

This conversation is absolutely true and if I knew she was such a genius I would have taped this conversation.
And she got a job at the front desk of a hotel that is rated Excellent.

The place was in the biggest dump in the Bronx but it was only 4 weeks old, kind of like this receptionist.

Me and one of my Nam Buddies placing flags at Calverton yesterday. Unfortunately, besides dozens of Boy Scouts, there were no adults there younger than about 50 or 60. I guess they don't teach the younger generation about what our Fathers and Grand Fathers went through so they can spend all their time on social media. :(

Tom and me placing flags.jpeg