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I have a 48x24x24 Flatback hex. Currently running a Mag 1800 return split to two returns at front corners angled up from the bottom. They provide a cross flow towards the overflow box in the center. With the inclusion of LR and a 3" DSB I want a good powerhead for my Acroporas, would the Tunze Stream 6000 kit be a good choice?

I'm looking to get the most flow with varying options that the Streams seems to provided but the mounting and the DSB issues seem to be a sticking point. I really can't find a great deal of information that would help me make the right decision.

Can you offer any suggestions?

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Tell me more about your tank so we can figure out the mounting. Is it glass? With trim? Perimeter braced? As for the DSB., when properly settled nd established I don't see the 6000 being a problem, if you use the Stream rock the upward flow angle eliminates all the problems.
My tank is a glass Flatback Hex measuring 48x24x24. It has the standard black vinyl molding all around the tank and is bracked by glass panels on the top left and Right with open access in the center.

The access is an all glass hinged top with no plastic or vinly insert in the rear (extremely tight fitting, but I can have it modified as I'm replacing the glass top with another custome made top to accomodate the power cord of whatever powerhead I go with.

Directly in the center is the overflow box that is 3/4 of the width of the access opening.

Sitting on the tank is a wood railing and on that is the MH lighting.

This will soon be replaced by a full hood.

I have to say I have never heard of running glass tops with Halides but if it works for you I suppose there is nothing wrong with it. Usually due to heat and loss of light due to reflection and refraction most people forego the glass top. If you keep the top a 6000 with 7091 Single controller could be mounted in the back corner which has no brace. It could also be mounted to the overflow box.
Just a point of information. If I didn't have the glass braces or top I couldn't keep certain fish from jumping out. Is there another way of doing it so that I don't lose light.
Egg crate plastic that is used as light diffusers. This works great as it also disperses the light more evenly. In my experience the tops seal in too much heat and I just never thought it could work. I generally don't worry about the fish. I have only had two jumpers in my 5 years with reef tanks. Of course they were both expensive so I understand your concern- a Scotts Wrasse and a Helfrichs Firefish. The Helfrichs really sucked because it's mate died two weeks later from loneliness I guess. In general from freshwater I learned that a secure environment does alot to prevent jumping- a quiet room and some natural cover from houseplants or mangroves or a rock overhang. I had fair success doing it this way with splash tetras and hatchets.
Loose the glass cover. You'll get better gas exchange and light penetration. Downside is the evaporation you'll have to make up for.